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Khang Minh Aluminum Factory is invested with a large scale, modern equipment lines, closed production process according to international standards to produce high quality products. Combined with outstanding services, Khang Minh aluminum products always aims at the highest customer satisfaction to implement the principle of “bringing sustainable value” to constructions throughout Vietnam. Rút gọn

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Khang Minh Aluminum Factory is always aiming for perfection, constantly diversifying and improving product quality, applying modern technology to bring customers high quality products and outstanding services.

The trend of using aluminum material in construction is increasing and it is considered by construction experts and architects as a green material, which can offer different applications.

Industrial aluminum bar is a highly processed aluminum material, with the aim of promoting the properties of aluminum to the fullest extent, widely used by manufacturers.

Industrial rolling doors are the product of scientific and technical advances. Applied to the production and installation of rolling doors. Industrial roller shutters are usually of high quality.

Taking technical development and architectural ideas as the mainstay, we analyze and show the essence of architecture and idealize it. The purpose is not to assume that the past is better than the present.

Production process


Processing aluminum profiles

Các sản phẩm thanh nhôm định hình của chúng tôi được gia công với công nghệ sản xuất hiện đại, với các mẫu thiết kế luôn được cải tiến và tối ưu hóa dựa..

Processing aluminum profiles

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Electrostatic painting processing

Sơn tĩnh điện là phương pháp sử dụng một khẩu súng phun, phun một chất bột sơn được làm dựa trên nhựa polymer…

Electrostatic painting processing

Processing aluminum doors, rolling shutter doors

Gia công sản xuất thành phẩm các sản phẩm cửa nhôm , cửa cuốn. Đảm bảo thẩm mỹ giá rẻ uy, tín chất lượng, nhanh nhất.

Processing aluminum doors, rolling shutter doors