Mechanical processing: cutting, milling, punching, turning, drilling…
Mold design according to customer’s own requirements
Along with many other services about aluminum profiles…Aluminum profiles are very popular today thanks to their high durability and beautiful aesthetics. So many aluminum profile processing units appear on the market to serve everyone’s business needs. So which address does the processing and production of aluminum profiles with the most prestige in Hanoi and other provinces across the country? If you are wondering, put your trust in Khang Minh Aluminum.

Aluminum profiles are widely used in many industries

1. What is aluminum profile?

According to research, aluminum is the metal that makes up 1/12 of the earth’s crust. This is a white metal with good thermal properties and electrical conductivity. In addition, the basic characteristics of aluminum are soft, light, highly reflective, non-toxic, and have good wear resistance. In life, aluminum is classified according to its shape such as aluminum sheet, aluminum tube, round aluminum, square aluminum, aluminum profile …

Aluminum profile is aluminum that has been metal-treated, in order to maximize the physical properties of aluminum to ensure that it is suitable for the requirements and purposes. Today, aluminum profiles are widely used in many industries.

Outstanding advantages of aluminum profiles

  • Many styles, suitable for many requirements of customers
  • Can be installed in many places, bringing sophistication and modernity
  • With the construction field, the aluminum profiles are firmly, have long-term durability, withstand all the pressure of the wind
  • In harsh climates, aluminum profiles do not warp, oxidize and rust over time
  • Easy to install with various glasses and locks on the market.
  • Can create large doors, erect monumental walls without having to worry about construction problems and safety during use.
  • Applications of aluminum profiles

With many outstanding advantages, aluminum profiles are applied in many fields such as:

  • In industry: aluminum profiles play an important role in the mechanical support industry such as: Conveyors, conveyor belts, shelves, factories, cooling systems, CNC machine frames, etc.
  • With the energy industry, aluminum profiles are used as wind tower frames and solar battery frames.
  • For the transportation industry, aluminum is used for trucks, vehicle side steps, traffic light signal poles and car exhaust systems…
  • For the construction industry: aluminum bars used in the production of aluminum doors, glass curtain walls, aluminum ceilings, …

2. Why should you choose Khang Minh Aluminum as a aluminum profile processing brand?

Understanding the importance of aluminum profiles, Khang Minh Aluminum specializes in manufacturing and providing the best quality products with the most competitive prices. Specifically:

Diversified production services to meet many requirements of customers

In parallel with providing aluminum profiles for industry and construction, we also focus on developing aluminum profiles production services to support domestic and foreign manufacturers such as:

  • Aluminum Extrusion Process
  • Aluminum billet extrusion processing
  • Surface treatment: Powder coating, anode plating, film forming wood co of raw aluminum products after aging
  • Mechanical processing: cutting, milling, punching, turning, drilling…
  • Mold design according to customer’s own requirements
  • Along with many other services about aluminum profiles…

Pictures of aluminum extrusion machine

Committed to product quality

We are committed to providing customers with diverse and accurate products to meet the highest requirements for domestic and foreign customers such as: Samsung – Sony – Toyota – Honda … If the product is not correct as committed, customers can fully refund, Khang Minh Aluminum is willing to return the cost of the deposit and support shipping costs.