Khang Minh aluminum factory invests in the most modern powder coating line today, we receive processing for all customers who have needs with the most reasonable price and best service.

Powder coating is a popular technology today, this creates perfect adhesion for the coating film.

There are 2 types of powder coating technology:

– Dry powder coating technology (powder coating): Applied to metal products: iron, steel, aluminum, stainless steel…

– Wet painting technology (using solvents): Applied to paint wood plastic products, …

Currently, we often use powder coating because the working efficiency of powder spraying systems is much higher than that of solvent or water-based paint. After spraying, the amount of powder that does not stick to product details can be recovered and reused up to 90%. Compared with wet coating techniques, electrostatic powder spraying achieves greater coverage because the powder can cover all edges and surfaces of the part not directly with the spray gun.

During the painting process, the powder coating is positively charged, and the metal surface is negatively charged. According to the principle of electric current, a positive charge (+) will attract a negative charge (-). Therefore, the quality of the paint layer is always uniform and firmly attached to the surface.

Aluminum powder coating process

Step 1: Surface treatment: The first step of the powder coating process is to treat the surface through a water bath, chemicals to clean the oil, brush off the rust on the surface to clean the product.

Step 2: Dip Chromium: The next step is to dip the aluminum rod into the chromium chemical bath, in order to create a good coating for adhesion between the paint film and the metal. These tanks can be built with materials: concrete, steel, stainless steel and covered with Composite plastic.

Step 3: Drying: The product after being surface treated must be dried before painting, using a steam drying method to shorten the time and ensure the adhesion of paint powder and aluminum

Step 4: Spray painting: Next is the most important step of the powder coating process. Due to the characteristics of powder coating, the adhesion of the paint to the metal surface is due to the electrostatic force. The excess paint powder can be reused for next time bringing high economic efficiency. When using a spray gun, the powder is evenly spread over the surface of the product. This electrostatic spraying process is carried out in a booth which is automatically controlled by a computer.

Step 5: Drying: This is the final stage for the powder coating process, after being sprayed, the aluminum bar will be put into the drying chamber at a temperature between 85°C and 200°C.


Helps to save costs, because paint powder can be reused many times, bringing high economic efficiency.
Longevity, gloss and durability similar to oil paint, industrial epoxy paint. Not corroded by oxidizing chemicals. Protect metal surfaces safely.
Various colors, suitable for many construction projects.
Powder coating does not contain harmful carcinogens, unlike other outdated traditional liquid spray painting methods.